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Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a community of strong, healthy, and athletic individuals who are committed to improving their quality of life and that of their families, by redefining their lifestyles through fitness.

Fitness Redefined

Every once in a while, life throws you a fun and challenging opportunity to redefine yourself. Joining the Fidelis CrossFit community is one of those times. You can either take a chance, embrace the change and run with it, or sit back and think “no way, this isn’t for me” and go back to the way things were. Which path will you take? You’ll never really know which camp you belong to until you try it yourself. Plus, the first class is on us – so what have you got to lose?


Do You CrossFit? Start Today!


CrossFit In Katy, TX

Our training sessions challenge you to break out of your routine.

Our top notch coaches have over 20 years of combined experience to help you meet your fitness goals.

We have over 30 classes a week to fit your schedule.

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