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Lovin It!

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I'm not an exercise person. I like my naps and my couch. But man, this place makes you want to move and get fit. The coaches and members are so friendly and encouraging and motivating. No attitudes. Family atmosphere. (I can even bring my kiddos.) No more excuses... just pure sweat and hardwork. Love it!

Highly Recommended

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Great support from the coaches and the fellow athletes. They pay close attention to forms and skills, which is very helpful for a newbie like me. Highly recommended.

These folks rock!

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These folks rock! From beginner to fanatic, you can learn everything about Crossfit from people in your own community. Very down to earth and encouraging!

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I didn’t know I would like CrossFit . . . as a matter of fact I ignored it for over a year while my boyfriend was CrossFitting. He would talk about it ALL THE TIME, he would ALWAYS be SORE, and it seemed like he could never get enough. Having been an athlete since jr. high I just didn’t see the need for all those Olympic moves, insane WODs, nor paying those high monthly fees.

Since then, I discovered and fell in love with Fidelis CrossFit! Now I talk about it ALL the time, I’m always sore and I can’t get enough which is why I keep coming back for more. Before CrossFit, I was in a softball league, a sand volleyball league, belonged to a gym, and would do just about any bootcamp I could fit into my schedule. Now I can’t live without CrossFit! I have not given bootcamps a second thought and I would give up my leagues and gym membership before CrossFit.

I love the challenge to my body physically and mentally! I feel stronger and I’m doing things I didn’t know I could do! Strong has taken a new meaning that encompasses proper eating, resting, and workouts!

I’m grateful I started at Fidelis CrossFit because I walked into a very thorough explanation of what CrossFit was all about and what was expected as far as eating and goal setting! Like anything, you make it as successful and as fun as you want to and I went there with a thirst for learning and pushing myself to new limits. Five months later I’m still pushing for new limits!! Totally AWESOME. The coaches are super friendly and always ready to push and motivate each CrossFitter! The coaches and members of Fidelis CrossFit are quite diverse and makes for meeting new people quite fun! Day one at Fidelis, I knew no one and now I call many friend. Fidelis is a great box and you can be assured that you will find your place there, do not be shy, do not be intimidated, do not expect to be an elite CrossFitter in 6 months and do not be afraid to ask questions! One thing I can say is that egos and stereotypes are left at the door before each workout

Rose M.

Doing CrossFit has helped me reduce my stress levels, which is much-needed when you're a parent who works full time and goes to school part-time. The intense workouts make me dig deep and find my inner strength to push past my limits.

I did my first fitness competition at the annual Fidelis Throwdown and now I am hooked! I have competed various times and I have discovered a stronger me. I recommend Fidelis CrossFit to everyone because you'll discover a stronger version of yourself.

Diana E.

I don't just "like" Fidelis. I LOVE it!! It really changed my life and you guys showed me another world of health and fitness. I was challenged to do things I never imagined doing.

I want to thank every coach for pushing me and not letting me give up. Because of their motivation, I managed to go from size 12 jeans a size 9 and XL shirts to mediums!! All in seven months.

Jesica S.

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