Success Stories

This is where we like to brag a little about our amazing athletes. Commitment, consistency and hard work pays off!

James W.

I’ve always been active with fitness. However, when the doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure pills I knew I needed to try something else. The gym wasn’t for me, so CrossFit it was.

The moment I walked into Fidelis I got a good feeling. Everybody was so nice and welcoming from the trainers to the members. I just felt like part of a big family right away.

The change in myself has been unbelievable. In less than 3 months, my body changed so much my mom didn’t recognize me when I went home for the holidays. Not only that. I’ve never felt better! It’s crazy.

I would recommend this for anybody no matter your size or fitness level.

I have made CrossFit part of my benefits that I offer my employees. My company pays the fee as long as the employee attends, if they miss a class they get payroll deducted. I want to see my employees happy and healthy, especially if they are willing to do it. I am more than happy to help them! We now have three of us training & we encourage each other every day.

Jarred Y.

Today marks my one-year of CrossFit. This time last year I redeemed an online deal that my wife bought for me. I don’t want to be cliché and say it has been life changing, but it has . . . not only for the working out aspect, but our diets have dramatically improved. CrossFit has become a big part of our everyday life and at times is tough trying to balance between family/work/life but luckily I have an amazing wife.

The physical results that I have seen over the past year have been amazing as well. I was pretty weak when I started CrossFit (not afraid to admit that), but I feel like I have gotten a lot stronger both physically and mentally. For numbers, when I first started I could barely clean 65# and now I can clean upwards of 235#

Below is the obligatory bathroom selfie from when I first started last January to now. I have always been a slim guy, but CrossFit has allowed me to bulk up and tone my body a bit. I still have a ways to go and a lot of goals I have not yet met so hopefully I have more gains in my future! Thanks to Fidelis and Coach Pete as well for helping me from the beginning to now.

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