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Our training sessions are all about team spirit and motivation. Whether you consider yourself competitive or not, seeing others around you perform will instinctively push you to be your best. You’ll find that training at Fidelis CrossFit is one of the best ways to sweat while having fun. Working out will finally be something you look forward to.
  • Fidelis Elements Classes

    Our elements course is perfect for new members or CrossFit athletes who want a refresher on the basics. We’ll review the foundational movements of CrossFit which we regularly program into our daily CrossFit workouts (WODs).

    In this 60 min class we will warm up, improve skill work, do a heart pumping metcon, and finally cool down and recover. We will also teach you movement standards and safety, nutrition 101, CrossFit lingo, and how to scale movements to your own fitness level so you can feel confident in joining the CrossFit classes. Our elements classes are capped at 14 members to ensure everyone gets the attention they need to get to that next level.

  • Fidelis CrossFit Classes

    Simply put, CrossFit is the “sport of fitness.” Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. CrossFit has turned the boring, mundane yet necessary task of “working out” into a sort of game.

    CrossFit is a training program that builds functional strength and conditioning through daily workouts that are constantly varied and are sure to push your body to the limits. We’ll train your body to be capable of taking on any physical challenge life throws at you.

    In this 60-minute class we will typically cover warm up, skill work, a metcon, and cool down stretching and mobility. CrossFit classes are capped at 14 members so you always have the space, attention and equipment you need to perform at your best.

  • Fidelis Oly Classes

    Olympic Lifting, commonly referred to as “Oly,” is comprised of two lifts; the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

    So why is it that we’d offer a class completely devoted to two lifts when the CrossFit world is comprised of endless movement possibilities? These lifts teach your body explosive strength, complete control and balance, and maximum range of motion – they train your body to function as a powerful and well-balanced unit. Plus, they’re a ton of fun to do! There’s really nothing more satisfying then hitting a new PR at Oly class. Come on in and give it a try.

    In this 60-minute class we will typically do a warm up, Oly focused skill work such as drills, auxiliary movements and strength, plus fine turning your Oly lifting progression, then finish the class with a cool down mobility session. This class is capped at 14 members so you always have the space, attention and equipment you need to take your Oly lifts to the next level.

  • Fidelis Strength Program

    The Fidelis Strength Program classes will focus primarily on three of our favorite monster movements: Deadlifts, Squats and Presses.

    In this 60-minute class, you’ll have the opportunity to blow past your self-imposed limit and move some serious weight. We will work on developing explosive speed and strength, and master technique that will help you lift with confidence and power.

    This class is for all ability levels so don’t think you need to come ready to move 300 lbs your first day. This class is capped at 14 members so reserve your space early so you don’t miss out on the fun.

  • Fidelis Speed and Endurance

    More details coming soon!

  • Fidelis CrossFit Kids

    CrossFit can be a great base for kids to carry them into other sports and also develop them as healthy fit human beings. The more things our kids can be exposed to when they’re young, the more prepared they are to develop and retain connections and capacities for the rest of their lives.

    These classes range from 20-40 min depending on the age group. It consists of a warm up, skill work, a short workout and cool down game. We only allow 14-20 kids per class with two instructors to ensure everyone is moving efficiently and safely.

  • Private Skill Sessions

    Are you still doing single unders when you should be doing doubles? Would you like to achieve handstand nirvana? Are there advanced CrossFit movements like muscle ups that you’re just dying to do?

    Our Private Skill Sessions are a perfect add-on to your WOD. We’ll work one-on-one with you for 30 minute sessions to take your athletic performance to the next level.

  • One-on-one Personal Training

    Sign up for Fidelis CrossFit’s personal training sessions where one of our world class coaches will work with you to help define your goals, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your fitness level, and coach you through a program designed specifically for your needs.

    This is the best option for those athletes who are serious about taking their training to the next level.

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

    Over the years we’ve seen (and done) our share of crazy diets and lifestyle changes to peak our athletic ability. Well, we think we’ve finally hit the sweet spot and we would love to share our findings with you.

    In our nutrition and lifestyle consultations, we will help you understand and apply a unique set of nutritional requirements that are specific and realistic to the way you want to live.


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